First time Home buyers/owners - Buying Home Insurance....Is it worth it?

(May 31, 2017)

So you've decided to purchase a new home. Congratulations!.While shopping for the perfect mortgage terms, don't forget to shop around for the perfect homeowner insurance. Homeowner insurance is not cheap but you will sleep better knowing you have it.There is no need to settle for inferior homeowners coverage. If you use the tips below, you can purchase homeowners insurance that guarantees your hom... read more.

How to Cut Down on Pool Maintenance Costs This Summer

(May 31, 2017)

Pool maintenance doesn’t have to be an expensive annual chore. Rather than spending up to $700 on pool maintenance, you can cut costs by doing a lot of the work yourself. You don’t want the pool to fall into such poor shape that you have to spend thousands of dollars on repairs. Here are some steps to keep pool maintenance costs down to nearly nonexistent this summer:

#1 Use your pool cover.Pool co... read more.

Real Estate Market Reports for your Neighborhood.

(May 11, 2017)

Market Reports for your Neighborhood.
Want to see what's happening in Real Estate in your neighborhood.
Here are reports for Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody and New Westminster. Don't see your neighborhood but you'd like to know what the prices are like...Email me at or Message me on FB....